KUCHING, 3 APRIL – NAIM Group of Companies (NAIM), a leading name in corporate
responsibility, has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting local communities during
the holy month of Ramadan through its recent charitable donations.

NAIM has donated to various mosques and surau, including Masjid Darul Ulum, Masjid
Darul Falah, and Surau Darul Furqan in Kota Samarahan and, Masjid Demak Baru
and Surau Darul Taqwa in Kuching. Additionally, contributions were made to Masjid
Ar’ Rayyan and Surau Sinar Islam in Miri, as well as Masjid AT-TAQWA, Masjid
Daerah Bintulu and Masjid Darussalam in Bintulu.

These contributions aim to provide essential support to communities as they observe
the sacred month of Ramadan. NAIM understands the significance of community
cohesion and aims to foster goodwill and solidarity among residents.

“NAIM is proud to continue this tradition of giving during Ramadan. We believe in the
importance of supporting our communities, especially during times of need”
exclaimed, Mr. Mohamad Faisal Ahmad Zaidin, NAIM’s Chief Operating Officer –
Kuching Region.

He further emphasized the company’s hope that these contributions would positively
impact the lives of those who need them the most.
NAIM remains dedicated to its corporate social responsibility initiatives and endeavors
to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and communities across


Mr. Mohamad Faisal Ahmad Zaidin (Chief Operating Officer – Kuching Region, NAIM) posing with representatives from Masjids and Surau after the presentation ceremony

Mr. Shaharum Ramli (Chief Operating officer – Bintulu Region, NAIM) and a representative during the presentation ceremony in Bintulu

Mdm. Haliza Segar (Interim Chief Operating Officer – Miri Region) and representative of selected Surau and Mosque during the presentation ceremony.