Construction, Oil and Gas & Infrastructure Projects

As one of Malaysia’s leading infrastructure developers, Naim is a Class A Bumiputera Contractor with ISO 9001 certification and Malaysia’s largest Bumiputera Contractor in terms of market capitalisation.

Construction, Civil Engineering & Infrastructure Projects

Oil And Gas

Naim’s foray into Oil and Gas sector in terms of infrastructure projects and oil and gas services commenced via its investment in Dayang Enterprise Holdings Bhd.


Petronas LNG Train 9 Project, Bintulu, Sarawak


Balingian Bridge, Mukah, Sarawak

The bridge which spanned over Batang Balingian, was the only link between Balingian and Kuala Balingian. It was handed over to the Public Works Department on 25th May 2007, 13 months ahead of schedule with cost savings, zero defects and numerous innovative design features – among others, it was the first in South East Asia to implement environmental friendly Scrap Tires Wall for the construction of the bridge approaches. This project won the MCIE Award for 2007.


Kemena Bridge, Bintulu, Sarawak

Part of the aforementioned Sibu-Bintulu road package, this 456-metre bridge was only the second in Malaysia to be built using the Incremental Launching Method (ILM), whereby the bridge was actually built on lang and launched out in 20-metre stages. This process was not only one of the most dramatic and imposing sights in the entire construction industry – it also required equally considerable expertise in this innovative technology, which was widely used in Europe.


Bengoh Dam, Bengoh, Sarawak

This 63 metre high by 267 metre long dam will have a capacity of 144 million cubic metres (1m³ = 1,000kg or 1 tonne) and will produce a lake with a surface area of approximately 10km². Designed to secure Kuching’s water supply for the foreseeable future, the dam was only the second in Malaysia to be constructed using Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) technology, which offers a projected service life of 100 years.

Due to technical complexity of the project and our strategic objective of leveraging on and learning from the best companies in their respective fields, we worked closely with Sinohydro Corporation of China, whose track record includes the 18,200MW Three Gorges Dam in China and the 2,400MW Bakun Dam in Sarawak. The dam has since been impounded.


Flood Mitigations Works, Kuching (Phase 1), Sarawak

The Department of Irrigation and Drainage commissioned the contract for the construction of the first two kilometers of the Flood Bypass Channel at the downstream end of the Sarawak River. The turnkey contractor for the project was a joint venture between Naim Cendera Sdn Bhd and Ambang Project Management Sdn Bhd.

Phase 1 Stage 1 included the excavation of two kilometers of the proposed eight kilometers flood bypass channel, construction of disposal site for dredged materials and the access roads. Excavation for the channel was mainly carried out using cutter suction dredgers by pumping the dredged material to sedimentation ponds before the water was discharged back to the river. An environmental monitoring programme was also undertaken to ensure that discharged water met the standards allowed by the authorities.

The site was handed over to the Naim Cendera Sdn Bhd and Ambang Project Management JV in September 2008 whereupon the contractor immediately mobilized personnel, machinery and resources to commence site clearing, earthworks and associated works for the channel and the disposal site. The project was successfully completed on schedule on 31st March 2010.


Customs, Immigration And Quarantine Complex (CIQ), Limbang, Sarawak

The Limbang Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Complex for the Ministry of Home Affairs represented a departure from our usual strategy of targeting negotiated contracts. Our successful tender for this project indicated that we were as competitive on cost management as we were on quality and timely delivery. It also allowed us to demonstrate the quality of our work to large numbers of international travellers between Malaysia and Brunei. The project was completed on schedule, in January 2008.


Police General Operations Force (GOF)/PGA Camp, Batu Kawa, Kuching, Sarawak

This major turnkey project for the Ministry of Home Affairs comprised every component of a major operational, training and residential Police complex for the 700-strong General Operations Force (GOF) Brigade Sarawak. The project which was built on 658 acres of land, included the construction of 683 units of spacious living quarters for GOF staff and officers, and their families, complete with telecommunications and network infrastructure. The project was completed on 31st January 2008, one month ahead of schedule.


State Legislative Assembly [Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN)] Complex, Kuching, Sarawak

Naim and PPES Works were the turnkey contractors for this project. The complex, completed in May 2009, boasts the state-of-the-art facilities and beautifully landscaped gardens and stands as a testament of solid and unique architecture. The complex has a gross floor area of 40,739m2 with a nine-storey high roof apex.


Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)

Naim was awarded two stations packages under the multi-billion Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit (KVMRT) project, namely Stations Package S4 which includes Section 16, Pusat Bandar Damansara and Semantan, as well as Stations Package S2 which includes Bandar Industri Sg Buloh, PJU 5 and Dataran Sunway. Naim was the first East Malaysian Contractor to be awarded such packages.Stations under S2 Package have been completed while that of under S4 Package is expected to complete by end of 2016


Museum of Modern Sarawak (MMS)

Naim has collaborated with the reputable PADI Gallery and Design, Singapore, a museum design specialist to build the state-of-the-art ‘Museum of Modern Sarawak’ (Muzium Moden Sarawak or MMS). No stranger to museum design in the region, PADI was involved in numerous projects such as Maritime Museum, Singapore and Muzeum Adat (Negeri Sembilan), Muzeum Tekstile (KL), Gallery Perdana (Langkawi) and Cheng Ho Museum (Melaka).

Located on a hilly landscape, inline and directly facing the Dewan Undangan Negeri (State Legislative Assembly), overlooking the beautiful cityscape of Kuching City,  the museum will showcase an important aspect of Sarawak’s rich history, namely the sacrifices of Sarawak’s past and present leaders comprising of all Tuan Yang Terutama Yang di-Pertua Negeri Sarawak and Chief Ministers. This showcase will also clearly highlight Sarawak’s journey from what it was to its present position as an economic and development powerhouse, the result of the State’s visionary leaders and their efforts for the rakyat.

With a contemporary egg shaped 3-storey design, MMS will feature 9 galleries, including a special gallery showcasing the best collection of songs and records by Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr P. Ramlee, and a special collection of paintings by top Indonesian artistes.

MMS will also feature many sustainable design components including natural lighting, environmental friendly cooling system and an energy efficient envelope, and state-of-the-art audio and interactive elements.


Islamic Complex (Kompleks Islam Sarawak), Kuching, Sarawak

This project was on a design and built basis for Majlis Islam Sarawak and comprised a multi-purpose hall and 17-storey office block. The multi-purpose hall was capable of accommodating up to 2,000 people., while the tower block had 2 levels for basement, shopping and dining, level 4 and 5 for library, and level 6 and above for offices. Boasting a unique fusion of contemporary and classic in terms of design, the project was completed on schedule, with the multi-purpose hall being completed 2 months ahead of schedule.


Senari Industrial Complex for Oil and Gas Jetty, Tanjung Manis, Sarawak

This contract involved the construction of the Senari Industrial Complex Jetty for Oil and Gas. Located in Tanjung Manis, Sarawak, the contract was awarded to Naim by Tanjung Manis OGC Port Sdn Bhd in 2010. The project was part of the Central Oil Distribution Terminal (CODT) which would distribute oil from Petronas and Shell to the central region of Sarawak, including SCORE. The project has been successfully completed on schedule.


Miri Go-Kart Racing Track, Sarawak

The Miri Go-Kart Track was handed over officially to Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Communication on 23rd April 2004. It was the first of its kind in Sarawak and complied with the International Standard for a motor sport facility. It was located on an 18.5-acres site, comprising a 1.3km long track which could also be configured into an 800m and a 500m track for the various classes of racing. This project was adjudged the Winner of the Malaysian Construction Industry Excellence (MCIE) Award for Medium Scale Engineering Project 2004 by Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia.


Bengoh Resettlement Scheme Infrastructure and Associated Works (Phase 1), Bengoh, Sarawak

This contract, which was awarded by the Housing Development Corporation involved the designing and building of the Bengoh Resettlement Scheme, comprising of 204 units of resettlement housing lots on RGC area and government reserve, roads for internal areas and gravel roads for agricultural area, water supply system and electrical services. The project is scheduled to complete in 2nd quarter of 2013.


Access Road from Kuala Baram Highway to Curtin University, Sarawak

This involved the design and construction of an access road to Curtin University of Technology Sarawak, Miri for Public Works Department. The project was completed one and half months ahead on schedule, on 23rd December 2004.


Access Road to Mukah from Sibu/Bintulu Junction to Matadeng Junction, Mukah, Sarawak

The project aimed to provide a fast and direct accessibility to Mukah from Sibu/Bintulu Junction to Matadeng Junction, Mukah. The road upgrading works consisted of extensive straightening and flattering of the existing road, and also involved the laying of a main water pipeline along the length of the road. The project has since been completed.


Balingian/Kuala Balingian/Kuala Tatau/Bintulu Road (Phase 1), Sibu, Sarawak

This project comprised a part of the coastal highway and was the only link between Balingian and Kuala Balingian. The project was completed on schedule.


Balingian/Kuala Balingian/Kuala Tatau/Bintulu Road, Sibu (Phase 2), Sarawak

This was the link road connecting Kuala Balingian/ Balingian Road to the Balingian Bridge. It was completed eight months ahead of schedule.


Kampung Semadang-Bau Road, Bau, Padawan, Sarawak

This project for the Public Works Department comprised the construction of a 12.4km access road into the mountainous hinterlands between Poak Road near Kpg Serapok to Kpg Puruh Semadang/ Kpg Puruh Garung in the Padawan District, Kuching, as well as concrete bridges over Sg. Krokong, Sg. Raden and Sg. Sarawak Kiri. Upon completion, the road will provide easy vehicular access to both the Bengoh Dam and its associated resettlement scheme. The project was completed on schedule.


Kings Road from Waito to Wailotua, Fiji

Naim successfully bidded and was awarded this project on 31st August 2009, which involved the upgrading of Kings Road from Waito to Wailotua, Fiji. This upgrading has brought an important stretch of Pan Fiji’s National Road to international highway standards of road quality and safety, reducing the travelling time by 30 minutes.

It is noteworthy that:
• Naim was able to overcome regulatory and physical works challenges in the initial phase, and later
streamline all processes to complete the project ahead of schedule.
• The project was carried out smoothly, achieving 500,000 manhours without LTI
• Naim’s efforts were duly recognized by the Government of Fiji confirming that the said Government was
very satisfied with Naim’s performance in terms of quality (physical and visual), and that the
Government will use the project as the benchmark for future works in Fiji


Kuching/Sibu Road (from Julau Junction to Sibu Airport Junction), Sarawak

This road upgrading works consisted of 2 sections – Section A , from Sibu Airport junction to Durin Bridge, which was approximately 11.9 km and Section B, from Durin Bridge to the Julau road junction, which was approximately 17.4 km.

The works included the construction of drainage works, R.C Bridge, detour roads and bridges, traffic signal lights and street lighting. This project was successfully completed on schedule.


Pujut/Tudan/Kuala Baram Link Road and Bridge over Sungai Miri (Phase 1), Miri, Sarawak

This project, which comprised a 1.5kms Tudan-Kuala Baram Link Road and bridge over Sungai Miri was on a design and built basis for Sarawak Government. The project was successfully completed three months ahead of schedule.


Pujut/Tudan/Kuala Baram Link Road (Phase 2), Miri, Sarawak

This project was on a design and built basis for the Sarawak Government. The length of the link road was 4.5kms from Tudan to Kuala Baram, and was completed 6 months ahead of schedule.


Pujut/Tudan/Kuala Baram Link Road, Miri (Phase 3), Sarawak

This project was on a design and built basis for the Sarawak Government. It involved the design and construction of 8.5km Tudan-Baram Link Road, Miri, and was completed 3 months ahead of schedule.


Sibu-Bintulu Roads Phase 1 and 2 (from Kemena Industrial Estate to New Bintulu Airport) and Kemena Bridge, Sarawak

The project was for upgrading and improvement of the existing Sibu-Bintulu Road, from the Kemena Industrial Estate to the junction with the access road leading to the new Bintulu Airport and including a parallel bridge of 456m span over the Batang Kemena. The Kemena Bridge is the second bridge over Batang Kemena and the first in Sarawak to use the Incremental Launching Method (ILM). All works were successfully completed ahead of schedule.


Sibu-Matadeng Road, Mukah, Sarawak

Providing fast and direct access to one of Sarawak’s fastest growing regions, this road will help to release the economic potential of Sarawak’s coastal heartland. As well as extensive straightening and flattering of the existing road to provide a safe and pleasant driving experience, the project also involved the laying of a main water pipeline along the length of the road. The project was completed on schedule.


Terbat/Pankalan Amo/Tebedu Road, Samarahan, Sarawak

The Terbat/Pankalan Amo/Tebedu Road Project at the Samarahan Division comprises two sections:
Section A – 7 kms from Kampung Terbat to Kampung Tragu
Section B – 1.4 kms from Kampung Tragu to Kampung Mapu Kijabu

Upon completion of these access roads, residents of these villages are able to upgrade their standard of living by transporting their products or produce to nearby towns such as Serian and Tebedu for sale.

The project has been completed.


Institut Latihan Perindustrian (ILP) Phase 1 & 2, Miri, Sarawak

This vocational training institute for school leavers was built for Ministry of Human Resources. Built on a 60-acre site in Bandar Baru Permyjaya township, the project was a turnkey project supervised by a Project Management Consultant (PMC). The institute, once completed, would be able to accommodate up to 600 students over 6 faculties and is equipped with modern IT, internet and multimedia facilities. The project was completed ahead of schedule.


Institut Kemahiran Belia Negara (IKBN), Miri, Sarawak

It was one of the training skills institutes implemented by the Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia for school leavers. Located at Permyjaya New Township and sitting on a 51-acre plot, it was able to cater for at least 900 students by providing skills training in three major streams namely Hospitality Services, Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Repairs. It was completed on schedule and won the CIDB Malaysia Construction Industry Award 2002 for the category ‘Institutional Building Project Builders’.


SRK and SMK Merbau, Miri

This project which combined 2 schools in one compound, won the coveted CIDB Malaysia Construction Industry Excellence Award for 2003. Besides receiving numerous plaudits for the quality of the design for both schools, the project was also completed ahead of schedule in 2003.


Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM), Mukah, Sarawak

Construction of MRSM, Mukah Division Sarawak was completed on 28 April 2009. This project covered an area of approximately 19.2ha and was adjacent to the SMK Mukah and about 2.3kms from Mukah town. The MRSM comprised an administration building, lecture hall, quarters, hostel, laboratories, sport complex, soccer and hockey field, tennis courts, running track and other facilities. The project was completed on 28th April 2009.


Sarawak Medical Science College, Padawan, Sarawak

This project, which was sited on a 30-acre land at Mile 13th, Penrissen Road whichc was approximately 20kms south of Kuching city and 4kms from Kota Padawan, was a joint venture between Naim and Konsortium Javel Engineering for Ministry of Health, Malaysia. It was built to replace the existing para medical personnel school in Kuching, which had become inadequate to cater to the ever increasing intake of students each year. This project had been completed.


University College of Technology Sarawak (UCTS)(Phase 2, Stage 1) Project, Sibu, Sarawak:

A joint-venture between Naim Engineering Sdn Bhd and Hock Peng Furniture and General Contractor Sdn Bhd, this project was adjudged the winner of the QLASSIC Excellence Awards 2016 in the Non-Residential (Large) category recently. In addition, the project also received the High QLASSIC Achievement accolade for the highest score achieved for any project in the 2016’s Awards. Works for the project commenced in 2014 and were completed in mid 2016.

Developed by Malaysia’s Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), the Quality Assessment System in Construction or QLASSIC is an assessment system that measures and evaluates the workmanship quality of a building’s construction work based on the country’s construction industry standard (CIS).


275KV Bakun-Samalaju Transmission Line (Package B)

Naim undertook a significant part (Package B Part I and II) of the 275KV Overhead Transmission Line from the 3,600 MW Bakun Hydroelectric Project to the Samalaju Industrial Zone, near Bintulu. The experience gained by working with Sinohydro Corporation of China will stand us in good stead when we bid for other similar projects, both in Sarawak and regionally. The project has been successfully completed on schedule.


Laying of Water Pipelines for Rural Areas in Sarawak

This project consisted of the laying of water pipes for rural areas in Sarawak. This project was completed two months ahead of schedule.