CHMS No 3 students earn Naim academic awards

Naim Foundation Academic Excellence Awards recipients.

KUCHING: Fifteen students from Chung Hua Middle School (CHMS) No 3 saw their efforts rewarded when they received the Naim Foundation Academic Excellence Awards recently.

Naim Foundation, the charitable arm of Naim Group of Companies, launched the awards in 2016 with the aim of driving the culture of academic excellence and rewarding well-rounded learners, as well as in the spirit of giving back to the community. Currently, 36 schools in Sarawak are under the programme.

CHMS No 3 principal Lee Chee Beng commended Naim and expressed gratitude for the meaningful awards.

“Our school aspires to cultivate high achievers, not only from the academic standpoint but other aspects as well. We work together with our learners to hone their talent in other fields.

“By rewarding well-rounded learners, the awards actually inspire them to be the best they can be, not only academically, but also in other aspects of their lives.” 

Kelvin Li and his mother.

Kelvin Li, a first-time award recipient and a special needs child, is a talented artist who loves animals. His art pieces featuring animals are sold online, and he also designs artwork for merchandise such as umbrellas, cushions, facemasks, and many more.

“I’m very happy to be recognised for something I’m good at, not only for my studies. Painting animals has always been my passion and I hope I can continue my studies in the science stream when I enter senior middle school next year. As I love animals, I would like to study biology.”

Edison Wong, a high achiever and wushu exponent.

Another award recipient, Edison Wong, is a wushu exponent who has represented the state in various national wushu tournaments and won numerous medals.

“I started to have an interest in wushu after seeing my younger brother practising it. I commenced wushu training when I was 13 years old. I’m grateful for the award as it acts as a good financial assistance for me and my family.”

Meanwhile, Wang Jin Yi, a China national, aspires to be an artist. She has represented the school in numerous art competitions and won awards.

“I have loved to draw since I was young. Drawing makes me happy and as such, I would like to venture into art in the future.”

Darren Lee, top student of Senior Middle One.

Darren Lee, the top student of Senior Middle One, plans to do business studies in Australia.

“I watch many blogs and videos of business nature and I would like to further my studies in this field. I’m thankful to be recognised for my efforts.”

Lee Jing Hao, who has represented the state in basketball, is currently awaiting confirmation on his application at a university in Taiwan.

“As my father was very much involved in the sport, both as a state basketballer and a referee, I grew to love the sport since a very young age. Thank you Naim, for acknowledging my efforts.”